Have you ever noticed when the sun shines through you windows you can see dust partials floating in the air? Do you have any respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies? Would you like to improve your quality of the air in your home? At Harris Boyz Heating and Air Conditioning in Iowa City and Washington Iowa, we have the solution for you. Dust circulation is a major problem in most homes. This is due to poor air filtering during the use of your furnace and air conditioning system. Adding a high efficiency filter to your system might be the right choice for you.


What Air Cleaner is Right for You?

There are two basic types of air cleaners available for installation in your Iowa City and Washington, IA home: Air filters and Air purifiers.

Like most things these days, the quantity of available products can be confusing as well as convenient. It can be challenging to find a device that is compatible with your heating and cooling system, much less install it correctly. It’s best to leave both steps to the pros at Harris Boyz Heating and Air Conditioning, so that you can rest assured your air cleaner works well for years to come.

Air Filter

An air filter uses a medium such as fiberglass to trap unwanted particles as they pass through your heating and cooling ductwork. It is not dissimilar to the air filter designed to eliminate the chance of debris from collecting on system components, but it is often more sensitive. Filters have different MERV values that determine the efficiency with which particles are captured.

Air Purifier

An electronic air purifier does not use fiberglass or any other medium to trap particles, but rather gives them an electric charge as they pass through, thus forcing them to collect on a plate within the device. Because it does not involve any physical resistance to the air, it does not cut down on your airflow as much.

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